What we Have – What We Need

Jason Farman

Jason Farman is a Professor of American Studies and the Associate Dean of the Graduate School at the University of Maryland, College Park. He is also a faculty member with the Immersive Media Design Program and the Human-Computer Interaction Lab. He is the former Director of the Design Cultures & Creativity Program, which he helped launch in 2010. He is author of the book Delayed Response: The Art of Waiting from the Ancient to the Instant World, which was awarded an Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Grant for the Public Understanding of Science and Technology. He is also the author of Mobile Interface Theory: Embodied Space and Locative Media, winner of the 2012 Book of the Year Award from the Association of Internet Researchers. His work has been featured in The Atlantic, the BBC, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, NPR, National Geographic, 99% Invisible, Atlas Obscura, ELLE Magazine, GQ, Aeon, Vox, and others. He earned his Ph.D. in performance studies from UCLA’s School of Theater, Film, and Television.

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