“The Myth of the Disconnected Life” Published in The Atlantic

My article, “The Myth of the Disconnected Life,” was published in The Atlantic this past week. It discusses the emerging practices of taking a “Digital Sabbath” in which people set aside a day (or days) out of the week to disconnect from their digital devices. Advocates of this practice note that our always-on lifestyles have led to an overwhelming sense of disconnection with the people and places in our lives. My article argues that this cultural response has been with us throughout history: every time a new medium or technology emerges, there have been claims that this new technology is causing social disconnection. I end by noting ways that our digital devices are actually fostering a deep connection to people and places rather than eliminating it.

I’ve received an abundance of great feedback from everyone, especially on Twitter. Thank you for the kind words and for offering such compelling responses to my article. I look forward to continuing the conversation. I’m currently in the process of turning this into a book-length manuscript!

Here’s the link to the article: http://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2012/02/the-myth-of-the-disconnected-life/252672/