Prompt for Mobile Media Narratives Project

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DCC 208: Mobile Media Culture

Dr. Farman

Mobile Media Narratives

The first aspect of this assignment is to come up with a proposal of a site-specific story that utilizes mobile technology. Your proposal must discuss the basic premise of the story and how it will be implemented. You will present your proposal to the class in a 5 to 10 minute presentation that gives us a visual walk-through of how your story will be executed and experienced. You must discuss the story, how it will be site-specific, what technologies it will utilize, how readers/players will walk through it, and the motivating elements that will keep them engaged with the entirety of the story. The class will choose the top presentations that will be used as the group narrative projects. This proposal will be factored into your individual grade for your narrative project.

You are free to use any mobile technology to implement your narrative; however, your projects must incorporate a physical/non-digital component to get people to thoroughly interact across digital and material spaces. You will be graded on the following aspects:

  1. Compelling individual in-class presentation on Nov. 8th and 10th
  2. Offers clearly defined and usable interface(s)
  3. Compelling story lines
  4. Keeps readers motivated
  5. Inventive and creative use of technology/technologies
  6. Well edited for the medium utilized
  7. Aesthetically dynamic
  8. Uses material components thoughtfully
  9. Employs site-specificity in an engaging way
  10. Thoughtfully utilizes the “in-between”/travel time of the story
  11. Goes beyond parameters of the assignment (expansive in scope)
  12. Project demonstrates collaborative effort
  13. Design addresses issues of durability and project sustainability
  14. Must turn in a short usability study with final project
  15. Is free of errors

Your final narrative projects are due by midnight on Monday, December 5 via email to me ( No late work will be accepted. This project is worth 20% of your final grade.

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