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DCC 106: Hacking Social Space

Final Project: A Digital Journey Through Physical Space
Due Wednesday, May 16 at 1:30pm by email to your section leader

Walking as a durational, artistic and experimental practice has a long and rich…

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As Bill Wasik writes in his Wired article, flash mobs range from pranks in public places to demonstrations that bring down dictators. Flash mobs have also made headlines recently in Maryland as people are using them as a way to…

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Prompt: Mis-Guides

On a typical weekday on our campus, you’ll see people rushing from class to class. They leave point A to hurry to point B. Sometimes, this will be interrupted by large groups of future students and their…

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Mapping Projects: Surveillance and Infrastructure

For these projects, you will create two maps with accompanying 2 page write-ups for each map.

Surveillance Map

Step 1:
For the surveillance map project, you will be broken up into four…

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