13th Aug2012

Weekly Posts

by admin

Each week, prior to our class meeting, you will post three questions (or comments) that interrogate the readings for that week. These questions should demonstrate an understanding of the material while simultaneously pointing to potential areas of expansion. Your posts should suggest things that might be missing in the readings or perhaps possible ways to extend this research beyond the author’s chosen scope.

Coupled with these questions, you should choose two-to-three keywords from this course and begin building on-going definitions of these terms. You should post these definitions each week, briefly discussing how the readings (or class sessions) have augmented the definition from previous weeks.

In order to post to this website, you must log in HERE. On the left side of the dashboard, choose “Posts” and then “Add New.” Before publishing, be sure to categorize your post under “Weekly Posts” on the right side of the dashboard.

(Also, in case you are interested in adding a “Featured Image” to your posts, the image size is roughly 288 x 120 pixels.)

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