Lefebvre, Simonsen, Tuan: Questions/Connections

Lefebvre, Simonsen, Tuan: Questions/Connections

1.)    While I found the excerpts from Tuan’s Space and Place helpful in beginning to craft a language with which to discuss space and place (I hope my 101 students appreciate it), I wanted to…

Weekly Posts: Alex Carson

Weekly Posts: Alex Carson

1: On page 16, Lefebvre postulates on whether language precedes or succeeds the appropriation of social space. Lefebvre notes the possibility of language itself as a space by which spaces can be logically interpreted, but…

Race Maps

Link: Race Maps

Here is the link to the race maps we discussed in our last class:



The Creation of Space

The Creation of Space

In the beginning of chapter 1 and continuing throughout (and emphasized in Simonson), Lefebvre refuses to acknowledge mental space as real or not as legitimate. Is mental space not real? Although he is concerned more…


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Weekly Posts

Each week, prior to our class meeting, you will post three questions (or comments) that interrogate the readings for that week. These questions should demonstrate an understanding of the material while simultaneously pointing to potential…