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Course with Dr. Jason Farman at the University of Maryland
Archive for January, 2012

Twitter Responses

You will need a Twitter account to interact with the course readings and the in-class lectures. For each set of readings, you must write a short reaction (comment, question, challenge) to one or more of the readings. You will post this before class every Tuesday and Thursday, which must include the hashtag #amst418. At the end of the semester, you will be posting updates about your fieldwork and project progress. During lecture, we will have a backchannel for Twitter responses. You must write a similar reaction to the content covered and can take any form (reaction, question, conversation with other students) and must include the course hashtag. You will need to provide at least one reaction during each class.

  • Note: for students who don’t have a laptop or mobile computing device, you can send tweets during class by using the text message feature on your cellphone. You must text your message to 40404 after setting up your cellphone at http://www.twitter.com/devices.

I recommend setting up a Twitter archive through a service like Backupify.com/Tweetbackup.com so you can track how many times you have contributed throughout the semester. Your Twitter Responses are worth 10% of your grade.


Click HERE to see the latest tweets for this class on the Visible Tweets website.